A girl preparing to become a woman.

Figure me out

Hello. I’m Jen.

24, Single. Philippines.
God’s favored child.
A woman hungry of self improvements.

Nurse by profession and currently based in Dubai working as a Medical Transcriptionist in a Medical Centre.

People refer me as a person who has a soft heart but I don’t really know how to describe myself. I can only share my thoughts and beliefs about myself but I guess it will not be a reliable answer to the question of who am I.

I believe in change and that everything in this world has a reason and purpose (still on the process of looking for my own purpose). I also believe that we can do anything we want through constant determination and of course with the guidance of our Almighty God.

I always wanted to be a person who is true to herself and doesn’t care what other people might think of her.A person who is not afraid to take risks. A person who is responsible in everything that she does and doesn’t blame others. A person who knows how to stand to her principles. I want to be a person who can make a difference in this world and finally I want to be a person who is not afraid to fall in love.

Somehow I see myself at the moment to be like this as I discipline myself. But if I fail, there is just one thing that I want to keep with me; that is, a peron who is faithful with God.

Yeah, it may sound unrealistic to others but these are some of the characteristics that I want to see in my future self.

And I dare myself to find out who the real ME as I enter the world of blogging. 💪💪💪

Thanks for reading!

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