Today, I went for a job interview in a big hospital for a post of Medical transcriptionist. I arrived early as I am supposed to be and as usual I waited for about 1 hour. They gave me a paper and I have to answer the questions regarding my background. After that, they guided me to the transcription department where they have given me another set of test which is about human anatomy. I found it easy. Haha! After the test, they have given me two sets of voice records which I have to type. One record is so clear and I was able to finish it, contrary to the other one which I don’t think I was able to type even one paragraph completely.


As I was at the reception waiting for their signal, I felt like I really wanted to work there especially when I was seeing Filipino ladies on their scrubs. I felt so happy for them but at the same time I wished I could be like them as well. At that time, I reminded myself that I was there for a job interview as a transcriptionist and not as a nurse.


The transcription room is a small room with three computers in it. The transcriptionists greeted and welcomed me well. They were the ones who gave me the tests about anatomy and the typing tests. When I was at that room, I felt so uneasy; I didn’t feel the excitement like the way I felt when I was first introduced in my current work. I don’t see myself working just in front of the computer, typing and not having patients. Well, at least in my current job, I can meet other people because I am also assisting patients inside the ultrasound room.


This day, I swear, again I am convinced that I want to continue my profession being a nurse. Haaaayy!! I really want to go back to my country, volunteer, grow, and be a professional nurse. But then again, it’s not yet this time (for some reason) but I really do hope that that day would come soon and I would do anything and everything to be the person that I want to be.