6 days a week, 8 hours a day on split timings. That’s my scheme. 

Getting up 7:30 in the morning and be prepared by 8:30 as the hospital bus will take us to work.

The hospital is just 10-15 minutes far from our staff house so there’s no hassle in travel which is in favor of me because I don’t really want to travel far just to go to work.
But what do I really feel when I go to work?

In my other blog “A late night thought: Pursuing Dreams”, I’ve written there what I really want to be. So going to work having another vision is hard. Yeah, it’s hard. It is like having a fish to eat when all you wanted to eat is chicken. (But, you still have a fish to eat and you’ll still be full). The motivation that this is for my family is what keeps me going. (And, this is my fish).
I also think that I am still lucky to work in a hospital. I may not be working as a nurse, but I work a big impact in giving patient’s care.

So yeah, going to work may seem unhappy and unsatisfying to those like me who has bigger dreams, but if you will think of your inspirations and motivations in life, you will realize that you are there for a reason and that you will soon find the right time to pursue everything you want to be. I always believe that there is no age limit in achieving the dreams we’ve always dreamed on. So, just keep going and don’t give up.