Today, I confronted one of our accommodation in charge. 

There is a news from other staff that a new refrigerator was delivered in and it was placed in their room (accom. in charge). I was shocked because it was already discussed before that we will not agree with that.

I dont know but it was really bad. It seems I was really hurt with what I heard. Why? because there will be additional electricity charge for us. haha! Im not kidding. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. It might not cost too much but still its unfair.

It so happen that that person was my co-department. So, I decided to ask her to clarify things in my mind..

I asked her if it was approved by our director. She answered me “My dear I will pay the additional cost” I said, “oh really?!then how will you compute the additional cost of that refrigerator?” then she said, she will ask the electrician.

As in she confidently said “I will ask the electrician”.

Oh my!! I dont think  anyone will  know how much the monthly electricity of that single ref unless it has its own meter. Not even magician electrician. haha!

In our convo, I realized that there is no need to talk to someone if you know from the start that there will be no direction. It has no point. Its useless and its not worth a second of your time.